Downloadable Printable LEGO Bingo Game for Brick Themed Birthday Parties

Downloadable Printable LEGO Bingo Game for Brick Themed Birthday Parties


LEGO Bingo is a great game to add to your LEGO Birthday Party schedule!  Why not try out our free downloadable printable LEGO Bingo Sheets? Our printable Bingo Cards and Call sheets for a LEGO brick themed BINGO Game are suitable for games with up to 15 players! 

If you are planning a LEGO Birthday Party and are in need of a quick, easy party game – download our printable sheets today.  To play our Bingo game, your party guests do not need to know how to read, so perfect for little ones too! Just find the matching pictures on your game cards. Use LEGO bricks, candies, or a pencil to mark your BINGO cards. Our free printable bingo game is ready to download. Simply add it to your cart and check out.  This item is free, so no payment information will be collected.

Use this free PDF to play a fun round of Bingo at your child’s birthday party or class fun event!  Everything needed for this Bingo Game can be found within the PDF document that you can download after adding this item to your shopping cart, free to download at no cost to you!


15 different bingo boards
25 call cards (You simply cut these cards apart and use them to call out the mini figurine or LEGO element names)

This fun DIY bingo game is great for all ages and is easy to set up for a borthday celebration, a classroom holiday party, or even casual children playdates.  Simply add the item to your cart to download the Lego Bingo cards and instructions, and download the file after check out. We do not collect any payment information on this free item.

When downloaded, print out the Bingo cards from your printer.  Alternatively, you can also take them to your favorite office supply store to have this done for you.  Interested in some unique and affordable LEGO Themed party favors and prizes for your big event?  Head on over to our parts store and pick something out from our huge inventory of LEGO minifigures!


How to Make a Round Christmas LEGO Ornament

How to Make a Round Christmas LEGO Ornament

Who wouldn’t like to add some unique flair to their Christmas tree by decorating it with a handmade a LEGO ornament? Your own children can even make these ornaments using LEGO Bricks from their own toy box!

No need to limit yourself to trimming the tree, though – how about hanging a custom ornament above the fireplace or hiding the parts kit as a stocking stuffer for a special someone? We’ve even seen folks hang these from the chandelier over their holiday dinner!

I don’t know how it is in your house, but around here our tree simply isn’t “done” until it’s been trimmed with colorful LEGO baubles!

This year, we are loading up the tree with white and turquoise baubles that feature the new LEGO element #15469.  That is the Brick, Round 2 x 2 with 4 Petals Base and Axle Hole, currently only available in this beautiful shade of blue:





We’ve made three of these white adornments for our tree so far.  How do they look?

White LEGO Ornament for a Christmas Tree
White LEGO Bauble for a Christmas Tree








We went with white since it pairs so nicely with this blue LEGO part.  What other colors would you have tried out?

Building these LEGO Christmas ornaments as a family can be more fun than actually decorating your tree; it is an amazing family activity.

If you want to have a go at building this stylish LEGO Christmas ornament yourself, you can download our high quality instructions for free, right here.  If you don’t think you have the parts in your collection to make this Lego ornament, you can buy all of the parts and pieces you need to build a white ornament in this style here as well.  The parts kit listing will also provide you with a free download of the instructions when you complete your check out!





Post a pic of your custom holiday ornament to instagram and tag us @brickablocks so we can see what you’ve come up with!


Making a LEGO Dice Tower with Parts and Pieces from Your Collection

Making a LEGO Dice Tower with Parts and Pieces from Your Collection

Playing tabletop board games is a great way to connect with friends and family offline. Creating things with LEGO Bricks is a great way for children (and adults!) to flex their creative muscles, and keep them engaged with out screens.  Today, we are going to help you combine these fun family friendly activities by providing you with the instructions and a parts list for building a tumbling dice tower.


As you probably already know, sometimes the playing board can get crowded, or it takes up all of the table and there’s nowhere to roll your dice.  Or maybe your mischievous buddy has mastered that simple wrist technique to get the roll he wants, and maybe you don’t want him to have such an advantage.


A dice tower is a common way of solving these problems for table top gamers.  A dice tower keeps the dice on the table while also making each roll totally random.  This DIY instructions post will show you how to make your very own dice tumbler with less than 200 basic LEGO bricks.  Well mostly basic.  Our lego tower is super sturdy and compact, which helps it survive the odd drop or two off the gaming table.  Also, its shaped like a medieval castle and has a wicked awesome skull on the front.  You know what’s cool?  This is cool!


To build this tower, you will need the LEGO bricks listed in the parts table below.

Brick Name Part Quantity
BRICK 1X1 3005 6
BRICK 1X2 3004 14
BRICK 1X3 3622 2
BRICK CORNER 1X2X2 2357 14
BRICK 2X2 3003 14
BRICK 1X4 3010 4
BRICK 2X3 3002 8
BRICK 1X6 3009 1
BRICK 2X4 3001 11
BRICK 2X6 44237 24
TECHNIC BRICK 1X4, Ø4,9 3701 1
ROOF TILE 1X2 INV. 3665 8
ROOF TILE 2X2/45° 3039 20
ROOF TILE 2X2/45 INV. 3660 3
ROOF TILE 2X3/25° INV. 3747 1
FLAT TILE 1X2 3069 2
FLAT TILE 1X4 2431 6
FLAT TILE 2X2 3068 12
PLATE 2X2 3022 5
PLATE 1X4 3710 2
PLATE 2X3 3021 2
PLATE 1X6 3666 5
PLATE 2X4 3020 2
PLATE 1X8 3460 1
PLATE 4X4 3031 1
PLATE 4X6 3032 2
PLATE 4X8 3035 2
PLATE 6X8 3036 1
SKULL 1X3 1/2 X 3  W. SNAP 47990 1
Total   193


You’ll notice we didn’t include a color in our list of parts.  We wouldn’t want to limit your artistic vision by asking you to stick to the dark bluish grey color scheme presented in the instructions.  We sure didn’t when we built ours!

To download the instructions, add the item to your cart, and check out. We do not collect any payment information on this free item. There are 193 parts that you will need to find – are you up to the challenge?



So, get started – build a medieval castle themed dice tower for you next RPG or board game night!




Our new favorite LEGO piece.

Our new favorite LEGO piece.

Howdy, friends!


A quick photo piece, detailing our new favorite LEGO part! Check it out:





Ever seen that before?  Crazy right?  I think you probably have seen it though!  Here, another hint:




Do you recognize it now?




Ok, we will spill the beans.  This is a LEGO Dice element, with the rubber bumpers removed!  Here it is as provided in most of the LEGO games that were released several years ago:




This is part ID 64776, or “Die 6 Sided Rubber Frame with Red Center with Studs”.  As we mention, it was used in board games and appeared in about 40 games over the past few years.


With a pair of needle nose pliers, and a little elbow grease, though – you get an incredibly useful part.  6 sided, with with 4 studs on all 6 sides.  We can’t wait to tinker with this one!




LEGO Minifigure Storage Head Lamp Conversion

LEGO Minifigure Storage Head Lamp Conversion

Welcome back LEGO friends!


Who wants to learn how to build a LEGO  lamp?  Well, a LEGO Minifigure Lamp, that is!


A Simple LEGO Minifigure Storage Container, Transformed into a Lamp.
A Simple LEGO Minifigure Head Storage Container, Transformed into a Lamp.

Disclaimer: Please use common sense when constructing your LEGO Lamp.  Consider using glue for a sturdy finished lamp that will withstand day to day use. is not responsible for the accuracy of recommendations included in this listing, as they are based on previous experience and generalized lamp characteristics – meant to be used as suggestions.


This week, we thought we would share a great little project you can do on your own if you find yourself stuck with out any LEGO sets to build.  All you need is a simple lamp kit from the hardware store, a LEGO minifigure storage head, a screw driver, and a drill!


We’ll walk you through all of the steps, and show you where you can find all of the parts you will need to build your own LEGO LAMP.  Sorry – LEGO Minifigure Lamp!


Here is the simple lamp kit we will be using to build our LAMP:

Lamp kit


For the base of our LEGO lamp, we went with the small classic yellow LEGO minifigure head for the lamp body.  This is a minifigure storage head, in case you are not familiar with the product.

LEGO Minifigure storage head


These LEGO minifigure storage heads are available in multiple sizes, and face styles. You can find them on amazon starting at around $16.

Amazon product link: LEGO Storage Head Small, Girl, Yellow


The lamp assembly kits are available at most any hardware store, and I have even seen them at Wal-Mart.  You can also find them at Amazon, of course. They start at about $11 online, but I have seen them as low as $7 at the hardware store.


Amazon product link: Bottle Lamp Kit with Adaptors – 8 pieces



Ok, once you have everything you need, it is time to get started!   First, you’ll need to mark your LEGO Storage head so you can accurately drill access points for the lamp stem, and electric cord.

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step one

For this next part, get a grown up to help.  Drill through each mark with a 1/4 inch drill bit.   When drilling the access point for your lamp stem, drill at an angle to create a large enough hole for the stem bolt.

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 2

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 3

Ok, now you should have your storage head in two parts, with access points drilled in each:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 4


Next, take the bottom piece of your storage head and run the electric cord through the hole as shown. 

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 5

Pull it all the way through…


Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 6



Next, you’ll build the lamp stem using the through bolt and top to your LEGO storage head.

Grab the bolt, the top to your storage head, the washers and nuts, and the lower half of your socket as shown in this image:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 7

Connect your socket bottom to the bolt and tighten it, then screw on one nut, followed by a washer, and rubber gasket if your kit included one.

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 8

Press this assembly through the top of your LEGO storage head access hole:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 9

Flip this assembly over and thread a washer onto the bolt, then another nut and tighten the assembly so that the storage head top is sandwiched between a washer on top and bottom. 

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 10

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 11


Now thread the electric cord through the bolt from below:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 12

And pull it all the way through the lower half of the lamp socket:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 13



Connect the cord to the positive and negative terminals on the lamp socket. Be sure to follow the instructions included with your kit, and have a grown up assist!

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step one

Then set the socket into the socket holder:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 14

Finally, complete the assembly by clicking the socket top in place:

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 15

In the end, you’ll have a simple desk or table lamp for your LEGO Room or bedroom. Pick up a lamp shade that suits the personality of your LEGO head!

Minifigure Head Lamp Construction Step 16

Thanks for stopping by, and happy building!


-Brian from


Want more DIY?  Why not have a look at our library of simple build instructions and build something fun with your LEGO collection?